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Baking has been my ice breaker when stopping at new places over the years. 

I found that it takes away that stress and anxiety when meeting new people and starts a conversation of Yumm !! It tastes so good !! 

It has always been a part of my life from making milk tarts or cheese cakes and taking on school excursions to starting a new job and making friends. This being across all departments with surprise treats as well as being the cool baker neighbor. 

It is my source of energy that was also my test to believe that I was OK, after coming home from a life changing surgery. My brain which is home to my memories took on the baking challenge during my Meningioma healing months. I knew that if I baked successfully, I could do anything.. and so I did and with the help from my Mum 4 days after coming home from the hospital I baked a classic favourite, banana loaf. 

I believed that I was still me and could get through this next step of life.  

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